Happy New Year

Did you make it through this holiday season? We had to do things so differently but I must confess I was ok with it. Yes I missed being able to hug my kids and grandkids, but knowing we will all be together next year because we took precautions this year was enough for me.

To update you on our move, we pull out of Burlington on January 21st. The movers will have a full truck and make their way to BC. I will fly out and Jim will travel out by car with our son Adam who is flying in from Calgary. Their trip will hopefully be uneventful and full of fun times and lots of bonding. We only get to see Adam once every few years but that will soon change as he will only be a 6 hour drive away.

As for the online shop, local pick up will end on January 15, 2021. The shop will go on vacation for a few weeks while we make our move out west and get things set up in the new house. I hope it will go live once again on February 2nd. You can place orders at that time but give me a few days to ship out. 

There are still lots of wonderful bargains on the site, along with whites, creams, blenders, and Aurifil threads. If you want to do a local pick up, now is the time.

I will check in once again in February. Stay safe,