Our New Life

Hello from the beautiful Okanagan in British Columbia. Now the new home of the online shop for Village Square Quilts. 

We are getting settled in but I have realized that moving my personal stash along with all the fabric for the shop was/is a huge job as far as storage in concerned. In our home in Burlington, the quilt studio was a very large room and my stash seemed quite reasonable...you know - how things somehow look smaller in larger spaces?! And the shop fabric was organized in the next room and fit quite well. 

Now, my new quilt studio is 1/4 of the size of the Burlington studio. I am stuffing fabric everywhere in the house. I had heard of people who do this and I always wondered...hmmm. Why do they do that? Now I know.

Jim took our son in law and our 15 year old grandson on a tour of the house last night (we were all masked and distanced of course) and Jim just had to show them every closet I had taken over.  They think I'm a hoarder.  I tell them there is a difference with a collector and a hoarder! Please confirm this with me!

I hate to say it but I haven't sewn in almost a year what with closing the Brick and Mortar shop, moving everything online, deciding what was going to be donated to Victoria Quilts, packing up the house, buying a new house and moving out west.

I understand it gets blazing hot here in the summer (we are high desert) so my goal is to be set up in my studio by the time the heat comes, and the air conditioning is on.  I know these are first world problems but maybe some of you can relate?

Take care and talk soon,