What's Up with Us


You should see my basement! It is a beautiful finished space and I have always used it as my quilt studio. But now it houses our online business and longarming business. (Somebody has lost a bit of his "man cave"!  He's ok with that. 

We have a few more things to remove from the physical store in Village Square then we will be outta there!  I have to say as much as I enjoyed running the shop, I was getting more and more run down. Running a Brick & Mortar is no easy task and I have the greatest respect for those quilt shops in South Western Ontario that just keep on going. The owners must be much younger than I am!

Do you have a quilt to be longarmed? Email me and I can put you on my calendar. That part of the business keep ticking along. Take a look around the new website as we have continued to offer fabrics at deep discounts. Check out is easy peasy and we do offer local pick up.  As well, Canada post's rates are quite reasonable right now. Saves you going out and donning that mask. 

Re masks - did you make any for friends and family? I have yet to sit down and make a few. A generous customer who made a boatload of masks and donated them actually donated us with 4 which we have been using. And she used our fabrics to make them so that was cool.

Anyways, it is good to connect with you. I will try to do this more often, highlighting things on the website, and telling you what we are up to in the sewing room.

Take care, stay safe, be well,